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Dear Colleagues, Professors, Graduates and Students of the Canadian Executive MBA,


Welcome to the new website of the Alumni organization. Our goal is to bring together more than 600 people from all over in Poland and soon connect us to the growing global network of Executive MBA Alumni.


We aim to gather input from all our Alumni. As the website grows and develops we wish to bring you a communication platform you can use to reach out to other alumni as well as to participate in various events, projects and announcements so as to invigorate the alumni organization. Our ultimate goal is to support the growth of a strong international business community to share and update the knowledge of management and to seek new solutions in today’s rapidly evolving economic environment.


We look forward to developing those aspects with the invaluable aid of your respective input as well as with the support of UQAM and the professors who wish to contribute to our community as well as our base program.


In the name of the Alumni organization I would like to wish all the best to the newly graduated cohorts XX and XXI in Poland.

Zsolt Fekete – cb

Zsolt Fekete

Cohort IX


Creating and supporting a communications platform providing a link for networking between the alumni, CEMBA and business, science, culture and politics.

Campus life


Provide opportunities for continued professional development for world-class professional management knowledge and organizational skills.


Mutual help and cooperation

Exchange of knowledge among alumni, students and CEMBA management as well as faculty